Create a Website from your Facebook Page

There are over 800 MILLION users on Facebook, and more and more businesses are investing time and resources into their Facebook pages.


With this increased investment into Facebook, we have noticed a dramatic shift in the web as we know it. Businesses' Facebook pages are more relevant and useful than their websites! Do you want to know if your favorite coffee shop is open on New Years day? Don’t bother checking their website; it hasn’t been updated in years. Go to their Facebook page and look at their Timeline.


Making a change to your website is hard. You either have to ask your webmaster to do it for you or you have to login to an admin interface that you are unfamiliar with. Making a change to your Facebook is easy and familiar.


Some companies have completely abandoned their websites and have them just redirect to Facebook. This is not ideal because your own unique website is still a very powerful way to get discovered and, although it seems like it, not everyone is on Facebook.


Even if you have mastered making changes to your website, you still have to do the work of updating your website and your Facebook page. You shouldn’t have to waste your valuable time doing redundant work.


Our answer to this: Why not just make your website from your Facebook page? We can help you do that. And so much more. We make sure your website looks great on mobile phones, and structure it in a way that means it will show up high in search results. We'll even weave it in with other social networks (Foursquare, Twitter and Google Plus ).


In the end you get a fully featured dynamic website that should cost thousands of dollars to make for only $25/month.


And we are just getting started, so expect to see great things in the near future!


To try it out for free, just go to


- Jason Pope and Jason Wieland (Founders)